Yoga for Women & Women’s Yoga Training

In Person & Online

Weaving east and west modalities and embodied practice to support women to connect to
the feminine across all stages of their lifecycle from menstruation to menopause and everything in between.


I was drawn to be here to truly learn the meaning of Yoga, from a place of knowledge and embodiment. With a women’s focus and a belief that it was time, I committed. On the first day I felt like everything was aligning to make way for whatever was to come for me. First piece of content ‘What is Yoga’…’I am home’. First sign of anxiety that arose in me melted away at that very moment with the kind words reassuring me at that second I needed them. ‘I am safe’. A beautiful space, such thoughtful teachings and considerations made to ensure that every woman felt welcome, supported and honoured here. ‘We are one’. A week of transformation possible, profound realisations and shifts have begun in my journey of Yoga being a state of consciousness. I invite all the learnings collective energy and sangha into my daily life. I am open. I am awake.

Alina, Current Student, Townsville

A feminine approach to yoga has really resonated with me and the teachings so far have left me feeling elevated, accepted, supported, at home, more deeply connected to my body and feminine self, high on life, and excited for the remainder of the course and beyond.

Haylee, Current Student, Townsville

During this first immersive week, Kate, Andrea and Taryn didn’t throw us in the deep end, rather they waded us in gently until before we knew it, we were floating in wondrous ancient yogic teachings and deeply connected internally and externally. I am blessed for having this opportunity to not learn or re-learn, but completely absorb what yoga is, and importantly what yoga is not. Instead of concerning us with fancy asanas and creative choreography, the first week of practice was devoted to the true intentions and foundations of yoga scriptures and practice. There were no rights or wrongs, but rather experiences, reflections and a ground-breaking rediscovery of my own intuition. Before this, I never had much faith in my own ability and only a meagre comprehension of where I was in the world at large. Now I feel deeply committed to a lifetime of going deeper on a personal level and passionate about being able to share this wisdom to the broader community as a whole. And it’s only been one week!

Evy, Current Student, Townsville