Our Story

The vision for Higher States of Yoga was born whilst traveling through Oregon, USA in 2017. It was here that the idea of curating experiences that would elevate people’s understanding of yoga teachings was first seeded.

From this seed has grown a yoga community which celebrates women and honours the divine feminine.

Kate has always had a passion for women’s wellness, launching a pilates business at age 19. After graduating from PR at University, Kate spent 10 years working in major events and corporate marketing before opening her own PR & Marketing agency and establishing an allied health clinic and therapeutic yoga studio in partnership with her husband in Melbourne, Australia.

Following the birth of her first child Kate shifted her focus to postnatal yoga and then to women’s yoga and health. This thread and passion has continued through to today where she now leads a team of women’s yoga teachers & trainers in supporting women across Australia in deepening their understanding of yoga and how these teachings, woven with modern science and knowledge of the human body can radically shift and change a woman’s relationship with her body and her life.

Kate, her husband and their two children now call Townsville, Queensland home where the in person offerings are held.


Kate Payne

Lead Teacher & Trainer
Women's Yoga Therapist
Energy Alchemist

Kate is a natural space holder who weaves her knowledge and embodied experience of Eastern and Western modalities, offering a pathway for women to connect to their own inner guidance system and to trust in their ability to heal and thrive.

  • A Mother, Women’s Yoga Teacher & Therapist, Teacher Trainer and Remedial Massage Therapist.
  • Supporting women in creating space to deepen their awareness of their whole body through the practice of yoga.
  • Co founder of Higher States of Yoga, Yoga Mamas, and the co-host of the women’s health podcast series Wholeness.
  • A women’s holistic health practitioner with more than 20 years of yoga practice.
  • Kate weaves yoga therapy, remedial massage, yin & restorative yoga, kundalini, ritual, sound healing and meditation. Paving the way for women to live a truly aligned life of connection to all aspects of their feminine form, throughout their entire lifecycle from menstruation to pregnancy & postpartum, into menopause and beyond.


Work 1:1 with me

Private sessions

I currently offer a limited amount of 1:1 sessions each week either in person or online.

These are available Monday’s, Friday’s & Saturday’s. In person in Townsville or online via Zoom.


Andrea Broadbear, Women’s Yoga TherapistLead Teacher 350HR Womens’s Yoga Training

Taryn Gaudin, Women’s Pelvic Health PhysiotherapistLead Teacher Women’s Integrative Pelvic Health