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  1. Danielle+Harris
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    It was really to watch these asanas being done by an actual pregnant women. Its easy enough to make the connections having carried babies (however I was not practicing yoga back than), but visually seeing the tummy and how the body moves with the tummy has been very beneficial.

  2. Alina Fogarty
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    Thank you Andy, these videos are so lovely and really demonstrate how gentle, slow and mindful movements and poses flow and how simplicity and luxury pair so well together for these classes. These learnings have taken something that seemed so foreign and potentially concerning into an exciting practice that I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and sharing. I am enjoying the connection (in my own way) when I practice with this theme in mind. I feel like this module has still given me a really good feel for what women want and need during this time and I feel far more equipped to provide experiences to cater for that now.

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