Awakening Shakti – 26 January 2022

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Awaken Shakti Sacred Feminine Sound Experience. Use the power of vibration to connect with the feminine within. A luscious blend of sacred sounds & guided meditation that will leave you feeling connected and empowered. When we connect with sound in … Read More

The 5 Koshas

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The 5 Koshas – A journey home to the True Self In this article we are sharing the 5 koshas in more detail and how they can be used to create a deeper understanding of the true self. What are … Read More

Ayurveda Foundations – Part 6

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Reflection Please complete the following reflections below. Can you identify your clinical agni type? What ideas do you have for bringing balance to your own agni?   << Back to Part 5 Continue to Part 7 >>

Ayurveda Foundations – Part 5

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Reflections if you don’t already know your prakruti, explore an online dosha test. Here are some examples: (this one is longer but more detailed)   << Back to Part 4 Continue to Part 6 >>

Ayurveda Foundations – Part 4

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Reflections Please complete the following reflection questions below. For each dosha (vata, pitta & kapha) identify a cause of imbalance the sign/symptom of the imbalance and how to manage/treat the imbalance (Cause, sign & management for each dosha – 9 … Read More

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