Ayurveda Foundations – Part 3

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Reflection As noted at the end of the video, start creating your own dinacharya remembering to start small and do what works for you. We will be reflecting on this in the upcoming Mentor Call.     <<< Back to … Read More

Ayurveda Foundations – Part 2

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Reflections Please complete the following reflection question below. How do you see vata, pitta and/or kapha manifesting in your body and/or mind?   <<< Return to Part 1 Continue to Part 3 >>>

Ayurveda Foundations – Part 1

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  Reflections How you would imagine using Sankhya Philosophy in daily life? Think of an example of a guna expressing in both an “inanimate” object, and an example of the same guna expressing in the body. Give an example of … Read More

Asana Clinic 4

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  Therapeutic yoga & self MFR for pregnancy PDF resource – Therapeutic-Yoga-Self-MFR-for-Pregnancy-2 Reflections Please complete below. What is your key take-away from the asana clinic and exploration of Therapeutic Yoga & MFR for pregnancy? Identify how you may apply that … Read More

Level 2 Yin Full Sequence Svadhyaya

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To finalise your Yin Modules please take some time to complete the following Svadhayaya. During Level 2 you wrote out a sequence in session. Please use this as your basis to complete the following. Create a 1-hr Yin series which … Read More

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