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  1. Alina Fogarty
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    I can identify traits of all the dosha’s in myself., but more so Vata and Kapha.

    When it comes to Vata, I instantly relate to how breath, sound and movement balances my thoughts and feelings and inspires me to problem solve life. Perhaps when out of balance I notice how my memory struggles and thoughts, worries and anxiety creeps in. I have noticed movement towards seeking joy and happiness and achieving more balance, with huge shifts in my creativity over the last month or two, where previously was experiencing all the out of balance traits of Vata being fear, anxiety, anxiety, and disruption. I can see how ‘Faith and Nourishment’ sooth and balance Vata in me, all the learnings, self-reflection/acceptance, and practices I am engaging in are supporting me.

    With Pitta, I see less of this in me, but was able to identify Pitta characteristics of my husband here. Generally, I feel I could easily fall into balanced or out of balance quite easily. Frustrations arise in all aspects of my life, I think my vegan diet and a love of good foods and cooking perhaps help keep this in check, not dismissing all the other aspects of the Yogic life that contribute to this also.

    With Kapha, I also feel a strong connection to water and earth, my desire for structure, stability, space, peace, and nutrition to name a few. When in balance I can see how I am strongly focused on love, compassion, forgiveness, and contentment. I am chilled by nature, stable, sedentary, or relaxed. I would describe myself as heavier set, having to work hard to fight obesity and a slower metabolism. I believe that whenever I have been out of balance, my weight has suffered. I relate to my calm nature in essence, I am easily amused yet do look for new stimuli, places, people, activities, I like to learn, try new things, and experience a variety of thinks, stimulation being the supportive action makes sense as I have been saturating myself in ‘all the things’ which seems to have kept me grounded, content and focused.

  2. Coral Ann Gilmore
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    This is what I see in me:
    Vata – attention to detail, happiness and joy, alert and flexible
    – gradual loss of hearing, maintenance of optimal body temp (feel the cold too much)
    Pitta – medium body frame, understanding, intelligent
    – deterioration of vision (lenses have been replaced)
    Kapha – compassionate, forgiving, contented, thick wavy hair, stable
    – thickening, slower metabolism

  3. Hayley Cooper
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    How do you see Vata, Pitta and Kapha manifesting in your body or mind?

    I consider myself to be quite flexibile in life, whether that is in my work, relationships, eating patterns and schedules. I try not to get too caught up in planning or expectations of myself and others, and tend to focus on a ‘go with the flow’ type of attitude (most of the time). When in balance, I feel cheerful, relaxed, enthusiatic and joyful. I can definitely relate to how my breath and movement balances my thoughts and emotions, and when I am disconnected from my body and breath that is when anxiety and fear can creep in. When my Vata is out of balance I feel unsure of myself and the future, I can be poor at decision making and avoid conflict. The support of ‘Faith and Nourishment’ balances my Vata and allows me to connect back to self and the present moment. Body awareness practices, gentle movement and breathwork help to relieve any feelings of anxiety and fear and allow me to trust in something greater than myself.

    Of all the doshas Pitta is the one I relate to the least. I don’t consider myself to be an overly ‘fiery’ or confident person, however there are some familiar traits here that resonate. I am passionate, understanding and can focus my energy and attention well on tasks that interest me. I am not overly ambitious though and tend to dislike competition, overworking and the general ‘hussle’ of life. When out of balance, I notice inflammation in my body (skin and digestion issues). Yoga practices that support the balance of Pitta in my body are challenging and heating, including things like breathwork, twists and sun salutations.

    I resonate most deeply with Kapha and also feel a strong connection with the earth and water elements. I have a strong desire for peace, traquility and harmony in my life and feel calm and content when there is a sense of balance and stability around me. I consider myself to be a patient, kind and compassionate person. I appreciate the little things in life and enjoy being amoungst nature and spending time by myself. I love food and eating, sleeping/resting, and am very much a home body. I have thick, strong wavy hair and smooth skin. When this dosha falls out of balance I tend to feel a sense of laziness and motivation to complete every day tasks. I can gain weight easily, give in to food cravings and over sleep. Practices that support stimulation of prana and energy are supportive during these times.

  4. Karina
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    How do you see Vata, Pitta and Kapha manifesting in your body or mind?


    Out of balance: Fear, anxiety and no flow. Focus on negatives.
    In balance: Happy outlook and ability to go with flow with ease.
    Really important to nourish my body which I can struggle with around shift work, but have been making a real effort with meal prepping which has helped hugely and choosing more plant over processed whole foods.

    Out of balance: I will notice this with digestion and also absorption of nutrients- sometimes my body does not absorb properly.

    In balance: when I am eating well and nourishing my body well it has a great impact on my ability to manage the ebb and flow of life.

    Out of balance: can gain weight easily, can procrastinate and generally be unmotivated.

    In balance: I cannot get enough of connecting with water and earth elements, enjoy taking the time to ground into theses elements.

  5. Danielle+Harris
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    I think I am out of balance in Vata, I feel anxious all the time. I have no idea why. I have no control over my body temp and feel cold all the time. I have no faith so I guess that is a downfall and leaves my vata unsupported. Also not very good at nourishing myself.

    My pitta swings a lot from being balanced and not being balanced, I can notice this also in my cycle, I wonder if I tracked and did certain things better whether I could balance it out. I would like to feel a little less like I have bi polar.
    I see a lot of kapha traits in me

  6. Elise Hewins
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    How do you see vata, pitta and/or kapha manifesting in your body and/or mind?

    when i am out of balance in Vata, the elimination of faeces stops until i no longer feel anxious. I also have more insecurity thoughts in my mind.

    I get cold feet and hands while the rest of my body is warm. when i am out of balance i get frustrated or angry more easily.

    Out of balance trouble sleeping or sleeping to much. I feel heavy in my body. I have thick hair.

  7. Tracy+Price
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    Vata is what I see that becomes most noticeably out of balance in my mind & body.
    When in balance am happy, creative & nourished by life in general, food choices that suit me, music, yoga practice & learning.
    When unbalanced anxiety & fear creeps in & tension felt through body & elimination of faeces is affected.
    Have become aware of how I feel during end of month processing at work with deadlines as tend to move less & hold urges.

    Pitta i see the least, as the emotions such as jealousy, ambition, hatred & competitiveness are not what I see in myself.
    Though mind gut connection noticeable if out of balance.

    Loving & compassionate.
    Sound – I think falls into peaceful, even & sometimes dull.
    Can be sedentary & enjoy slow activity, perhaps too much & try to notice when need to bring more movement to balance.

    I completed an online profile, interesting that Vata was my primary imbalance at the time & appears to be what I am most aware of.

  8. Evelyn+Radomyski
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    I find it hard to pinpoint a particular dosha that represents me more. It’s interesting though to look back on various life events and where I was mentally and how i moved into a better or worse state.

    VATA: I’ve spent large chunks of my life with fear, anxiety and huge insecurities, sometimes leading to panic attacks, often related to not feeling able to express myself and avoiding creative pursuits that involved anyone other than myself. And really until recently, I never really thought too hard about having regular bodily functions. I’ve definitely been hell bent on being irregular with routine and inadvertently quite self-destructive. And my skin always, since i was a child has had some patch of eczema, somewhere. Interestingly what’s always stopped me from going too far over the line was a fairly strong belief in what I would then call occult, but basically something bigger than us all that can’t be explained. And intermittently forcing myself to sit down and draw/doodle, brainstorming with mindmaps, exploring theatre and music and very irregular long-winded journaling!

    PITTA: Well, I’m one sweaty betty for a start! I can definitely recall times in my life where I’ve been consumed by anger to the point of near-madness, (actually, it’s quite possible I crossed that line a few times). And jealousy too, not of the ‘lover’ variety, more so the ‘craving other people’s existences’ variety. And during those episodes, I’ve been obsessively ambitious to catch up, prove something or win some imaginary life race. I had to surrender. This wasn’t an overnight decision, it just gradually became a realisation that i didn’t want to be like that. You could call it ongoing – along with the sweat, yeah happy to balance that out of my life too!

    KAPHA: I feel like this is the most balanced in me at the moment. I’ve entered a time of my life, probably starting 2 yrs ago, where I reveled in stability. And with this calmness in stability, I’ve found more time for love and compassion and a whole lot of forgiveness for myself and any of those life events that we seem to cling on to. I feel like in the past, a lot of my imbalances from Vata, have led me to being imbalanced in Kapha. I’ve hidden myself away, consumed too much of everything and found it hard to motivate myself because of so much fear of expression. But now that I’m somewhat on the other side, with almost no anxiety or fear, I feel naturally stimulated by life in general. I’m not letting little things hold me back anymore. It’s quite the revelation to be honest. Yee ha!!

    Jeez louise, what a fucking train wreck! I’d just like to end with an acknowledgement that I’ve really had an awesome, magical, blessed existence. I always thought I liked roller coasters, now I’m more of a merry-go-round girl.

  9. Haylee Fox
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    I see Vata in myself when my intellect is firing well – I have a good awareness and and I am able to use that awareness to create intentions, that ultimately result in actions. Kind of like making good decisions for myself/my life. I feel intellectually sharp when my memory is working well in terms of retention and recall.

    I have seen pitta in myself when it has been out of balance – it has resulted in digestive disturbances that have been difficult to heal. When it is in balance I experience fearlessness, ambition and I am driven.

    I see some aspects of Kapha in my physical body including thick hair and slow metabolism. I associate with Kapha in terms of feeling compassion towards all things, am content with life and am able to forgive others who have hurt me.

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