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  1. Coral
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    Pitta/Vata with elevated Kapha accordi g to Banyan quiz

  2. Evy
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  3. Alina Fogarty
    | Reply

    I completed both assessments:
    The first Dabur quiz said: Pitta/Kapha
    The second Banyan quiz said: Kapha/Vata (I feel this is a more accurate description)

  4. Hayley Cooper
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  5. Tracy+Price
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    Pitta Kapha on both with vata imbalance

  6. Karina
    | Reply

    I did both tests and both suggested I am Pitta/Kapha dominant and have an imbalance in vata.

  7. Haylee Kate Fox
    | Reply

    Kapha-Pita with Kapha imbalance

  8. Cassandra Dzieczko
    | Reply

    Kapha- with a roughly equal Pitta / Vata imbalance for both test

  9. Danielle
    | Reply

    I am mostly Vatta. Mine were all pretty much the same. Probably could use some more kapha tho.

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