Ayurveda Foundations – Part 6

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Please complete the following reflections below.

  1. Can you identify your clinical agni type?
  2. What ideas do you have for bringing balance to your own agni?


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9 Responses

  1. Evy
    | Reply

    I probably sit in the field of Vishima-Manda.
    I need more routine with my eating. There’s a lot more I could do, but that would be a great place to start.

  2. Alina Fogarty
    | Reply

    1. Can you identify your clinical Agni type? ā€“
    On reflection I believe am considered to be Sama Agni. Despite current state of health, I have a normal appetite, regular elimination, can eat almost anything without detrimental effects, digestion is reasonably normal. My diet is generally balanced and I rarely get sick.

    2. What ideas do you have for bringing balance to your own Agni?
    After testing myself to identify my dosha types and imbalance, I would need to balance my doshas to protect my Agni, in doing this Agni will take care of itself. I appear to be high in Kapha which I can consider balancing by creating and implementing my Dinacharya, making changes to lifestyle and diet such as adding regular exercise, nothing to repetitive, getting up before 6am, and yoga practices that intentionally create a sense of warmth, engagement, muscular effort, and expansiveness. Also doing just ten or fifteen minutes of pranayama each day to dramatically improve my state of mind and overall well-being, offering a practical and effective means of tending to needs of the physical, mental, and emotional spheres all at once.

  3. Coral
    | Reply

    Sama Agni however, when out of balance Tikshna-Vishama.
    Balancing my diet in accordance with my primary dosha. Eating lighter meals, less heavy, oily types of food.

  4. Karina
    | Reply

    I am currently acutely out of balance and believe my current clinical agni is vishama-tikshna

    To bring into balance is the bring more routine into my life which I would heavily focus on morning and evening routines, meal planning and meal prepping as best I can around my shift work.

  5. Hayley Cooper
    | Reply

    1. My current clinical Agni I would say is a balance between Sama Agni and Manda-Tikshna
    2. Balancing my diet in accordance with my primary dosha (Kapha), more movement, lighter and less heavy meals, bringing balance to daily routine with a focus on morning and night routine to prevent over sleeping/sleeping in late.

  6. Haylee Kate Fox
    | Reply

    My agni would be Sama with currently a slight imbalance of Manda. To bring more balance into my angi, i need to pacify my kpaha imbalance and bring more energetic and uplifting activities into my life, to increase my motivation and move away from eating heavier meals.

  7. Tracy
    | Reply

    As of a few weeks ago I had identified as Tikshna Vishama, due to strong appetite & need to eat on time (particularly lunch time), some constipation at times.
    Ideas for bringing balance to my own agni would mainly be daily ritual, also changing from drinking cold water, especially with meals.

  8. Cassandra Dzieczko
    | Reply

    I believe I am very out of balance, however feel Iā€™m more Tikshna- Manda atm

    I need a massive overhaul of my life, I need a good work life balance, as well as eating healthier, having a set routine for not only exercise but life in general

  9. Danielle+Harris
    | Reply

    I believe I am Vishama Agni
    Continue to tongue scrape, sleep better, slow down, learn to relax and just be still. Learn some patience.

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