I know if you’ve landed on this page you are a Nourisher and in deep need of nourishment yourself.

Imagine taking an hour for yourself each week to gather with like minded women in a safe and supportive space where you can attune to the natural rhythm of your body as a woman. To deepen your connection to all aspects of Self, mind, body and spirit.

A desire to attend to the needs of your nervous system through yoga practice and Self enquiry.

I am here to support you in nourishing the parts of you that have been asking for attention.

With deep rest calling you, I invite you into the container of my 6-week Online Women’s Immersion where together we will explore yoga movement practices, breath awareness and connection, sound and meditation that will nourish, soothe and invigorate your life force.

Focusing on the yin aspects of practice, we will balance Yang that will leave you feeling deeply connected to your feminine.


This immersion is for you if

  • You have been feeling fatigued and at capacity in your life
  • You are usually the nourisher and in deep need of nourishment yourself
  • You want a regular space to show up and be guided back home to your Self
  • You want to be held in the sacred container of like minded women
  • You are feeling the call to connect to your body, mind and spirit as a woman


Reflections from our previous immersion…

“So grateful to have been given the opportunity to experience these practices. I really enjoyed being part of the group, I love it all!” 

“This 6 weeks was exactly what I needed. I feel the shifts in my feminine energy. The softness and breath work was like a cocoon. A sanctuary.”

“Much gratitude for our 6 weeks together. It showed me how capable I am for showing up for myself and valuing time for soul, body and mind medicine.” 

We will explore through practice & embodiment

  • seasons and cycles as a woman through our yoga practice
  • the essence of our heart and womb connection
  • balancing yin & yang energy
  • cleansing and detoxifying through our yoga practice
  • understanding the needs of our nervous system
  • meditation to meet our needs as a woman


  1. Weekly 1-hour guided class via Zoom (for 6 weeks)
  2. Weekly email with supportive resources and Self reflection questions
  3. Access to the replays of each week for 3-months in case you want to re take any classes to further deepen your understanding and connection to the Self.


There are currently no scheduled dates.

Energetic exchange

$90 AUD



What if I can’t make it live, will there be a replay? 

Yes there will be replays available for each week and you’ll have access to these for 3-months to watch and practice.

I haven’t done yoga before, or only a little, will I be able to do it? 

Absolutely. It’s fully guided so even if you’ve never practiced yoga before or it’s been some time since you’ve been on your yoga mat you’re in safe hands. All of the practices are suitable for complete beginners through to regular Yoginis.

I don’t live in Australia, can I still join? 

Yes! The entire immersion is online via Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world. Just check your time zone if you want to join live, or you can still join and watch the replays.

What style of yoga is it?

Great question. It’s a blend of styles that are guided through a feminine lens. It will include hatha, womb yoga & yin. Plus it will include meditation, ritual and ceremony components.

I have some injuries or conditions that make it difficult to practice. Will I easily be able to modify?

Yes. You will be able to modify the practices accordingly and take everything at your own pace.

I have kids so the 8pm time might be a challenge as it coincides with bed time.

I fully appreciate that. I have two kids and bed time is always a challenging time to be Online. Feel into what is good for you. I trust that if you’ve been thinking about joining that nourishing yourself is important to you. If you can’t make it live you will have access to the full recording of each week so you can find time that suits you best to practice.