Deep Rest [Pop Up Workshop 18 March 2022]

Calling forth those of us who are feeling the heaviness of the every day. Whose hearts are feeling tender and nervous systems carrying an undercurrent of anxiousness. 

Together let’s step into a pause. Moments of deep rest and nourishment. To have our own individual needs met and tended too. 

  • Tend to the needs of your nervous system.
  • A beautiful weaving of yin yoga and restorative practices, guided breath work and yoga nidra meditation.
  • Step out of your everyday and into a sanctuary of restful bliss. This workshop will leave you feeling rejuvenated and spaciousness in all areas.

DEEP REST – Pop Up Workshop

Friday 18 March



Allow Coral to guide you through deeply nourishing yin, restorative and meditation practices that will support you to feel rejuvenated. 

No yoga experience necessary. 

Come as you are and enjoy. 


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