L2 Fertility, Birth & Beyond Sequences

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If you would like to you can copy & paste or type out your full prenatal sequence presented in Level 2 weekend module below.

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  1. Hayley Cooper
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    Duration: 60 mins
    Theme: Breathing for birth – exploring a variety of Pranayama techniques, mantra/sound and connecting movement with breath

    Settle In: Beginning in an easy seated position, sitting on a blanket or bolster for support.
    – Golden Thread Pranayama (3-5 mins)
    – Heart Womb River Sacred Greeting (Connecting heart and womb space) 4-6 rounds

    Warm Up: Tuning into dominant Svara (Side of the body where the breath feels most dominant)
    – Hip circles/rotations of the pelvis moving in the direction of dominant Svara (repeat other direction – moving with breath)
    – Seated neck stretches (left & right) to open up and create space around the throat
    – Cat/Cow – add rolling cat/cow with option to take a cleansing breath out through the mouth and release through pelvic floor
    – Wide Leg Child’s Pose on bolster (3 mins)
    – Easy Camel with props (bolster or blocks) opening through the front of the torso

    Come into a kneeling or seated position, placing left hand onto womb and right hand onto heart space. Chant Bija Mantra VAM (sacral) and YAM (heart) 3 times, 3x rounds each. Feel into the vibration of the mantra in the body.

  2. Coral
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    Pregnancy 1 hr Class Plan Theme: Earth Element – Grounding and Strong
    Welcome, Intro, Check in, Settle in -Seated Butterfly
    Pranayama – Nadi Shodhana – finding balance
    Remind to step don’t jump

    Neck Rotations
    Heart Opening Mandala with side bends
    Cat/Cow – softening belly, lengthening spine
    Pelvic tilts – gentle
    Kneeling Sun Salutations x 3 rounds, last round with low lunge
    All fours
    Half Moon – kneeling
    Opposite arm/leg lifts
    Tiger Curls
    Childs pose
    Downward Facing Dog
    Dancing Warrior
    Tadasana with block between thighs – internally rotate
    Scatter the Prana with Mantra – Lokah, Samasta, Sukino, Bhavantu – May all beings find peace
    Wall Downward Facing Dog
    Wall Triangle (R)
    Goddess – 5 pointed star / lifting alternate heels
    Wall Downward Dog
    Wall Triangle (L)
    Goddess with high Skandasana
    Wall Chair
    Wall Pelvic Tilts
    Tree (R) and (L)
    Uttanasana, Half Lift, Uttanasana
    All fours – Butterfly (seated) or easy sukasana
    Hear – Womb River Sacred Greeting Inner
    Meditation: Heart – Womb River with Golden Thread Pranayama
    Savasana – By toning the mid, body and energetic body, yoga can help a mother to be present for the miracle of birth

  3. Alina Fogarty
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    Pre-Natal Class – 20 Min Practice – 5 blocks, blanket, 2 bolsters, pillow……

    + Introduce the practice +
    To create space for growth and time to explore breath and connection and deepen the devotion for yourself and baby. ❤️

    + Find a comfortable seat +
    You might like to sit on a folded blanket or pillow, slightly tilting your pelvis, a soft cushion if you prefer.

    + Open with a single Om +
    Rub hands together, placing one on heart space one on your baby’s space……

    + Before we practice +
    Here is a few lines from only from a poem called – ‘For A Mother-to-Be,’ By John O’Donohue
    Close down your eyes to listen if you prefer……

    Nothing could have prepared your heart to open like this.
    From beyond the skies and the stars.
    This echo arrived inside of you and started to pulse with life.
    Each beat a tiny act of growth, traversing all our ancient shapes, on its way home to itself.
    Once it began, you were no longer your own.
    A new, more courageous you, offering itself in a new way to a presence you can sense, but you have not seen or known.

    + MUSIC + : – Restorative track

    Let’s begin with gentle practice designed to bring a sense of calmness, peace and tranquility,
    • Use props, support your body and seek comfort.
    • Always come out of a pose if it doesn’t feel good.
    • Raise your hand for assistance to modify.

    + Seated wide leg forward fold +

    o Legs outstretched hip width apart, toes and knees pointing to the ceiling.
    o You can add extra padding under your sitting bones, a pillow/bolster to take pressure off the pelvis.
    o Lengthen the spine, support the head and neck.
    o Folding forward allowing space and support for baby.
    o You may rest your head on the bolster, lay forward onto props e.g. chair, cushions, a bolster raised by blocks underneath to raise it higher and support your head and neck on the bolster or using another block or blanket.
    *You might like to adjust your legs closer or use the wall or chair for support. E.g. have legs up the wall, feet wide, with a bolster under hips….

    + Seated side stretches +

    o Comfortable seat, still supported by the blanket or a bolster, both legs outstretched, leaving one leg outstretched, foot to the ceiling.
    o With both hands, bring one leg in towards your body, knee bent, sole to the floor. The other leg staying straight, gently widen the distance between bent knee and leg.
    o Lengthen your spine, soften your shoulders and Inhale to turn your body away from your bent knee, just a gentle stretch, one hand on your knee, the other beside your hip, touching the earth, close to your body, fingers pointing away.
    o Focus on your breath.
    o Leaving yourself ample space for baby, take an open belly twist, adjusting your leg position for comfort as required.
    o Repeat on the opposite side, using both hands to adjust knee positions.

    + Reclined Butterfly + with Breath Practice (noticing start, middle and end of breath)

    o Place the bolster behind you, you may like to build this up with 2-3 blocks, taking another 2 blocks to support your knees or rest your knees over a second bolster if you have one. Place a block under each elbow/arm for support so there is not too much drag on shoulders.
    o Option to position the soles of your feet together or let them fall where they are comfortable, let your hip comfort guide you. a comfortable distance away from your pelvis. Or you may have your legs bent, feet fairly close together or I find legs stretched out, feet falling to the side nice.
    o A blanket often feels nice over you for this one and we will soon wind down into shavasana as well. You may stay here for this or remove props and lay comfortable on your back, with as little movement as possible.

    While we are here,

    • Begin by slowly exhaling all of your breath.
    • Then, gently inhale through your nose, noticing the start, middle and end of your inhale breathe cycle.
    • Then gently exhale through your mouth, noticing the start, middle and end of your inhale breathe cycle.
    Repeat another 3 cycles in your own time – You may name each stage of your breath, or simply reflect how each feels and you continue to come back to your breathe.

    + Shivasana + + MUSIC + ‘Om Asatoma’ – ‘Deva Premal & Mitten and Premal’

    + Start to +
    o Bring some awareness back to your breath.
    o Breathing into your heart space, exhaling from your heart space to your womb centre with love
    o Bringing subtle movements back to your hands, your feet
    o You might like to place your open palms across your belly, sending acceptance, love and devotion to your baby in gesture of your deep gratitude for them having chosen you.

    • In your own time, make your way to your left side, taking a couple more breaths here.
    • and just when you are ready, roll up gently supporting yourself.
    • meet me in a comfortable seated position.
    • Gently opening your eyes
    • Rub your palms together, gently cup your eyes, inhale……..
    • Exhale running your palms through your hair, across and over your body, your baby belly, legs, feet, finishing at your toes.
    • Scooping the air as we raise arms up beside us
    • Palms to touch, lightly touching face while lowering to heart centre
    • Chin to chest

    + NAMASTE +

    Full Class Sequence Concept
    Class Plan:
    Welcome students – Greeting: Open by inviting students to find a comfortable seated position.
    Invite all students to come in and out of poses in their own time if they need to, to seek comfort and support, use their props or seek assistance to help them to do so at any point during the class.

    Begin with acknowledging Mum’s and babies, encourage connecting to self, baby, body and breath.

    Begin with 3 nourishing ‘Oms’

    Heart-Womb River Sacred Greeting Gesture: River Lotus Form (Inner)

    • Seated Lateral Stretches
    • Seated Forward Fold – (See 20 Minute practice)
    • Seated Twists – (See 20 Minute practice)
    • Supported Butterfly – (See 20 Minute practice)

    (Natural Breath Practice – Noticing start, middle and end of breath)

    • Windscreen wipers
    • Transition to table-top
    • Cat/Cow – Natural Breath Practice – pelvic floor focus

    (Explore somatic movement here)

    • Melting Heart
    • Child’s Pose

    (Explore somatic movement here)

    • Downward Dog
    • Transition to wall
    • Legs up the wall
    • Knees to chest
    • Knees fall to each side

    Shavasana – Mantra ‘Om Asatoma’ – (See 20 Minute practice)


  4. Haylee
    | Reply

    Theme: Cultivating stillness
    Settling into supported butterfly position
    Full yogic breath with hand on heart and belly with focus on drawing up of pelvic floor on inhale
    Seated neck rolling and shoulder circles with hands in Adhi Mudra
    Sit in and observe stillness with hands remaining in Adhi Mudra
    Seated lateral stretches can place on leg out straight at a time
    Wide leg child’s pose with bolster focus on natural breath and the mantra ‘I create space or my baby (inhale), I am deeply relaxed (exhale).
    Cat cow flow
    Dangling with blocks for support
    Shoulder stretch against wall
    Squat with block under bottom
    Supported dragonfly
    Reclined twist with bolster supporting belly
    Legs up the wall with bolster under hips
    Golden thread pranayama
    Yoga nidra – finding stillness
    Savasana (supported or lying on side)

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