Level 2 Yin Full Sequence Svadhyaya

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To finalise your Yin Modules please take some time to complete the following Svadhayaya. During Level 2 you wrote out a sequence in session. Please use this as your basis to complete the following.

Create a 1-hr Yin series which includes the following:

  1. Pranayama practice
  2. Postures or practices from Foundations (can include Mantra)
  3. Postures or practices from Yin Level 1
  4. Meditation practice

ADD a reflection after you have practiced the sequence you create.


Theme: Awaken the Shakti

Pranayama: Kapalabhati (Breath of Fire)

Postures / Practices:

  1. Toe squat (3 mins)
  2. Standing womb pilgrimage
  3. Cat / Cow
  4. Downward facing dog
  5. Moon salutations
  6. Dragon series (3 min hold each side)
  7. Melting heart (5 min)
  8. Sphinx (3 min)
  9. Child’s pose (3 min)
  10. Sleeping swan (3 min hold each side)
  11. Savasana
  12. Guru Mantra Meditation (Om So Hum)


After you have practiced your sequence, please also include a reflection.

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  1. Coral Ann Gilmore
    | Reply

    Theme: Throat Chakra – Finding your Voice

    1. Settle In, Consecration, Rolling Oms – 5 min inclusive
    2. Pranayama: Brahamari Breath – 10 breaths
    3. Neck Stretches – 5 breaths each for back, front, right side , left side
    4. Pranayama: Ujjaii Breath – 10 breaths
    5. MFR – Erector Spinae – 1 min each side
    6. Camel – 3 min
    7. Caterpillar – 1 min
    8. Sleeping Swan with Compression – 3 min each side
    9. Hip circles or Childs Pose – 1 min each side
    10. Melting Heart – 3 min
    11. Childs Pose – 1 min
    12. MFR – Rectus Abdominis – 1 min ea side
    13. Sphinx to Seal – 2 min for Sphinx and 1 min for Seal
    14. Childs Pose – 5 min
    15. MFR – Pecs – 1 min ea side
    16. Supported Fish (blocks or bolster) – 5 min
    17. Supine – 1 min
    18. Legs Up the Wall – 5 min with Mantra “Ham”
    19 Savasana – 5 min

    Reflection: I felt great after practicing this his morning. I feel that the MFR really enhanced the practice for me by releasing through those areas so that when I went into the following postures/shapes my body could and did release a great deal more. I felt quite physically, energetically and mentally refreshed afterwards.

  2. Tracy Price
    | Reply

    Theme – Balance (expanding on 3 pose practice presented)

    Pranayama – Nadi Shadhana (Alternate Nostril) 3 minutes

    1. MFR plantar fascia
    2. Toe Squat 3 mins
    3. MFR peroneus
    4. Camel 2 mins, rebound Cat Cow
    5. Seated twists 1 min each side
    6. Side lateral twists 1 min each side
    7. Deer 3 mins each side, rebound neutral on belly
    8. Crescent Moon 3 mins each side, rebound neutral on back
    9. 1/2 Frog 3 mins each side, rebound neutral on belly
    10. Reclined butterfly 5 mins with rolling Oms

    Yoga Nidra or Triangle breath in Savanasa

    Seated pose, rub hands together, hands at heart space, 3 rounds of Om
    Raise hands over head & back to heart space


    Reflection: Completed the practice with Nick late afternoon. Flowed well & felt good in the body. Rolling Oms would be more effective with more people doing together. Late afternoon suited the practice & felt that the pranayama, movement & posture fit the theme of balance.

  3. Haylee
    | Reply

    Theme: Upper body and heart chakra
    Heart-womb river sacred greeting – 5 minutes
    4-part (box breathing) pranayama with both hands over heart space – 5 minutes
    Japa meditation (aham prema) – 5 minutes
    Twisted child’s pose – 3 minutes each side
    Rebound on tummy or back – 1 minute
    Melting heart – 3 minutes
    Rebound on tummy or back – 1 minute
    Prone shoulder stretch – 3 minutes each side
    Rebound on tummy or back – 1 minute
    Supported camel pose -3 minutes
    Caterpillar – 4 minutes
    Shoelace with eagle arms – 3 minutes each side
    Rebound on tummy or back – 1 minute
    Neck, and rhomboid myofascial release with tennis balls
    Supported butterfly pose – 5 minutes
    Metta meditation

    I found that this practice achieved what I intended for it to do, which was to release tension from the upper body and to open up the heart space. I really like how it was achieved through a blend of practices including asanas, MFR pranayama, and meditation. I found it to be a nice combination, which left me feeling like i had reduced tension in my shoulders and my heart felt open, particularly from finishing on a metta meditation. This practice felt like the antidote to life, with sitting at a computer all day and that carrying of stress in the shoulders. I lead this sequence for a couple of friends and they loved it. Felt very blissed out at the end…. they continued to lay on their mats for over half an hour after the practice had finished because they wanted to keep the feeling contained. They LOVED the myofascial release…. I was thinking that maybe amongst all the beautiful yin poses some MFR might take away that bliss feeling but they have requested more MFR. Overall, a fun experience designing the sequence, practicing it myself and also teaching it. It was also a fun experience to curate a playlist too.

  4. Haylee
    | Reply

    Sorry, the MFR was neck, *trapezius and rhomboid

  5. Hayley Cooper
    | Reply

    Theme: Yin Yoga for Pregnancy

    Props required: Bolster, blankets, myofascial or tennis ball

    1. Seated Golden Thread Pranayama (3 mins)
    2. Heart Womb River Sacred Greeting
    3. Seated Hip Circles – tuning into dominant svara (5 rotations each direction)
    4. Butterly forward fold (3 mins)
    5. MFR Glutes (1 mins each side)
    6. Child’s Pose (3 mins)
    7. Cat/Cow
    8. Dragon – include props for support (2 mins each side)
    9. MFR Pecs (1 min each side)
    10. Melting Heart – include props for support (3 mins)
    11. Supported deer pose over bolster (3 mins each side)
    12. Supported legs up the wall (3 mins)
    13. Supported fish pose (5 mins)
    14. Side lying savasana with bolster and blankets

    Reflection: I did this practice on a Sunday afternoon and it was such a soothing and nourishing way to end my week. I feel like the sequence flowed well and was appropriate for pregnancy as all of the poses had the option to use props. The yin poses allowed me to open up and create space in the body, I especially feel spaciousness around the chest, side, belly and pelvis. The MFR techniques were just enough to compliment the poses and enhanced the practice even more by releasing tight muscles that are common in pregnancy – glutes/low back and pecs from rounding forward of the shoulders. I needed to prop in deer pose quite significantly as I was unable to rotate completely through the torso, so I placed blocks underneath the bolster for elevation.

  6. Elise+Hewins
    | Reply

    Theme: Root chakra
    1. Japa meditation with the root sound AUM (Half the mala)
    2. Toe squat with calves MFR (3 min total but half of that time on each calve)
    3. Dangling (3mins)
    4. Wood chopper breath (5 rounds)
    5. Yogi squat (3 mins) go from yogi squat back to dangling for about 30 seconds and then walk hands out to downward dog and drop knees.
    6. Cat and Cow (5 rounds)
    7. Dragon (3 mins right side)
    8. Dragon (3 mins left side) rebound on belly then roll on your back for next pose
    9. Gluteus MFR (2 mins on each side)
    10. Swam (5 mins right side)
    11. Swam (5 mins left side)
    12. Frog (5 mins)
    13. Laying twist (3 mins right side)
    14. Laying twist (3 mins left side)
    15. Savanana
    What I have written up is similar but different to what I had. I ended up moving postures around during my practice without much thought to what just felt right and what my body wanted to go into. I spend more time on my left glute when doing the MFR because my left side was a lot tigher. I added time to my frog pose because it felt really good and my body was not ready to move on. I really enjoyed my yin practice it was a bit more yang style but it was what I and my body needed at this time.

  7. Alina+Fogarty
    | Reply

    Yin Practice – Approx. 1 hour Duration: (Expanding on my 20 minute/3 pose practice presented – Predominantly the Fascial Front Line – Element – Water)

    Theme: – Managing and balance symptoms including but not limited to: stress, anxiety, worry, strong fixations, procrastination, fear, control, negativity and fatigue. With a focus on poses that are heart opening, close to the ground and all work predominantly with the front fascial line and have a common Meridian theme of Kidney. (Bladder)

    Pranayama: – Natural Breath (Repeat approx. 3 cycles) Head transitions to in the directions of Right, Left, Up, and Down, Inhale to Move/Exhale to Return to Centre.

    Mantra: – Medicine Buddha Mantra, focusing the mind on loving kindness, feelings of self-love and gratitude.
    Begin in a comfortable seat – Natural Breath Practice (2-3 minutes)

    1. Fish Pose (5 minutes) – rebound on back, 1-2 minutes.
    2. Sphinx Pose (5 minutes) – rebound on tummy, 1-2 minutes.
    3. Melting Heart (5 minutes) – rebound on tummy, 1-2 minutes.
    4. Toes Squat (3 minutes) – rebound, tapping feet
    *Option for MFR – Gentle blanket/soft ball across the Calves or use a soft ball for MFR on Pecs.
    5. Child’s Pose (5 minutes)
    *Option to include Ujjayi breath & add some somatic movements here prior to transition.
    6. Caterpillar Pose (3 minutes)
    *Option for MFR – Gentle blanket/soft ball across the Hamstrings.
    7. Seated Neck Stretch – all 6 directions, 1-2 minutes,
    8. Seated twists – 1 min on each side
    9. Side lateral twists – 1 min on each side

    Metta Meditation in comfortable seat. (1-3 minutes)

    10. Bananasana, Crescent Moon (3 minutes each side) – rebound on back, 1-2 minutes.

    Shavasana – (Option to include Yoga Nidra sequence here)
    *Option for MFR – Soft blanket compression – Mid Back (approx. 10 minutes)

    I practiced in my loungeroom space alone, by lighting candles and using different crystals in practice.
    I really enjoyed the flow of this practice and the poses. I am certain I would return to this often as it met my intention leaving me feeling a sense of calm, I feel relaxed yet fresh and more grounded. I look forward to the variety of experiences created and I find myself craving ‘ALL THE THINGS’ in classes now, I think I might be ruined for all ‘classes’ of the generic kind. 🙂

  8. Cassandra Dzieczko
    | Reply

    Theme: Sides
    Meridian: Lateral
    Pranayama: Golden Thread

    Approx 1 hr Yin Class

    Postures Practice:

    1. Settling In, and Golden Thread Breath ( 5mins)
    2. Mantra – Om Shanti (2 mins)
    3. MFR- Intercostals lying on side of body use of blanket ( 5 mins each side)
    4. Deer ( 5 mins each side)
    5. 1/2 Shoelace ( 3 mins each side)
    6. Dragonfly ( 3 mins)
    7. Lying on front of body blanket underneath belly ( 5 mins)
    8. Sleeping Swan ( 3 mins each side)
    9. Bananasana ( 5 mins each side)
    10. Shavasana ( 5 mins )

    I first practice this in the morning and for me I felt calm and relaxed afterwards. Too much so that I didn’t want to do much the rest of the day, lucky it was a weekend. I then practiced it again at night. I felt like it suited a night class better. My body does love the lateral line poses and I felt like my body was saying thank you for the practice (both times). I definitely feel like I need a timer if I was to do this practice on my own as I think the night time practice I may have fallen asleep in a few poses.

  9. Karina
    | Reply

    Theme- Grounding

    1: Settle in and cleansing breath (2mins)
    2: Heart Womb River Nadi (9 rounds)
    3: Cat/Cow
    4: Melting Heart (3mins)
    5: Child Pose (1min)
    6: Deer Pose- left and right sides (5mins)
    7: Rebound
    8: Sphinx (1min)
    9: Rebound
    10: Downward Dog
    11: Forward Fold
    12: Roll Up
    13: Scatter the prana
    14: Downward Dog
    15: Wide legged child pose
    16: Reclined supported butterfly (5 mins)
    17: Yoga Nidra

    Reflection: At the time of doing this practice, I felt I needed a more energising practice which got me reflecting on how I could modify this flow . I think adding warrior postures between the downward facing dogs would have been just enough to bring more energy to the practice. I found a yoga nidra on Insight Timer and I listened to that at the end of the practice. My physical body certainly enjoyed the stretch and I slept well, but from an esoteric lens it wasn’t the practice I needed at the time but I am also proud to be starting to work through flows unguided (as I still practice heavily with guided flows!). Scatter the prana is a favourite though.

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