Asana Clinic 4

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  Therapeutic yoga & self MFR for pregnancy PDF resource – Therapeutic-Yoga-Self-MFR-for-Pregnancy-2 Reflections Please complete below. What is your key take-away from the asana clinic and exploration of Therapeutic Yoga & MFR for pregnancy? Identify how you may apply that … Read More

Asana Clinic – Prenatal

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Click the headings below to visit the corresponding video. Common conditions & discomforts during pregnancy Therapeutic Yoga & MFR for pregnancy (Yet to come) Prenatal Warm up Yoga for 1st Trimester Yoga for 2nd Trimester Yoga for 3rd Trimester Prenatal … Read More

Asana Clinic 1

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   Asana Clinic 1_ Intro to Yoga Asana – supporting PDF Reflections to be completed in your manual Turn to page 2 of the ‘Beyond the Asana’ and complete the Starting positions and base of support practice, reflecting on … Read More