Energy Alchemy – Remembrance Readings

Each reading is an opportunity that allows for a safe and sacred passage into the inner realm of your sub conscious.

As an Energy Alchemist I open a portal for you to access your personal power.

I hold & guide a space which supports you to explore your vibrational field and aura to access deeper layers of embodiment.

These sessions open the channel for your own Sovereignty to awaken your individual genius & access your own blueprint of worthiness and abundance.

Come with me…..I’ll show you the way. 

An alchemical weaving of…

🪐 Astrology

🃏 Tarot & Oracle

🧬 Gene Keys

🐝 Earth Wisdom

👁 The Chakra system

🧘🏼‍♀️ Physiology

🎶 Sound alchemy

💫 Quantum Light Codes

What does it look like?

  1. I guide your through an opening grounding and intention process that allows for a spontaneous arising of what we will focus on in our session (it’s great if you already have an intention, in which case we use this process to confirm that’s what the subconscious is willing to work with).
  2. Using your intention we then journey through the cellular body gradually moving into the energy body as a guided meditation using sound and breath.
  3. Through this process we identify which tool(s) from the list above we will use to clarify the answers to your questions and open you to deeper exploration of the Self. It’s in this aspect of the session that the real magic takes place as you receive the sacred messages meant for you in that moment.

What are some common areas for exploration?

  • The feminine
  • Trauma
  • Relationships
  • Worthiness
  • Money / abundance
  • Business


Sessions are 90-mins in length.

Held online via Zoom.


Special introductory price of $188 AUD. Price will rise to $333 thereafter. 

Recordings of our session available accompanied by your charts and notes for suggested integration practices to embody that which channels in for you into your life.



Please email Kate via to confirm a date & time.

Sessions are held on Mondays, Fridays, Saturday mornings and some evenings.