MFR for Menstruation - A Yoga Teachers Guide (Online Workshop)

Discover the transformative power of myofascial release in this 1-hour online workshop, "Myofascial Release for Menstruation: A Yoga Teacher's Guide."

Are you a yoga teacher looking to deepen your understanding of how MFR can support menstruation?

Join me as I delve into this vital aspect of women's health in a concise and informative session. This masterclass offers practical tools and insights to help you guide your students through their menstrual cycles with compassion and skill.

In this masterclass, we'll explore the essence of myofascial release and its profound benefits for menstrual health.

Discover how to design a short yoga sequence tailored for menstruating students, and learn a simple MFR technique that provides relief from any menstrual pain or discomfort.

You'll leave this session equipped with practical teaching tips and modifications, ensuring that you can confidently guide your students on their yoga journey, no matter where they are in their menstrual cycle.

Join me for this 1-hour masterclass and unlock the secrets to supporting your students' menstrual health. This is your opportunity to enhance your teaching skills, and empower your students with the knowledge and practices they need for a harmonious menstrual experience.


Understanding Menstrual Wellness

  • Overview of the menstrual cycle phases
  • The role of yoga therapy in supporting menstrual health

Myofascial Release Essentials

  • Explore what myofascial release is and it's benefits
  • Tools and props for myofascial release
  • Myofascial release techniques

Yoga Practices for Menstrual Wellness

  • Designing a myofascial release practice for menstruation
  • Pranayama for pain relief

Emotional and Mental Support

  • A look at the emotional aspects of menstruation
  • How myofascial release techniques affect the nervous system

Practical Teaching Tips

  • Modifications for common menstrual health conditions
  • Sharing these teachings with your students


  • Answering frequently asked questions about supporting your students including working 1:1 vs a class setting


This 1-hour masterclass provides a condensed yet informative overview of myofascial release for menstrual wellness, allowing yoga teachers to introduce these concepts to their students in a shorter timeframe.