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  1. Kate
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    This is a an example of how reflections will appear in this space.

  2. Karina
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    I have struggled implementing the daily sadhana practice into my day to day, but it has been something that has gotten easier. It is so grounding when I do it and have included it within my daily walk with my dogs and I stop in a nice quiet private space to go through the flow and the dogs don’t mind me chanting!
    I have really felt the disconnect from being separated from a community of like minded women after the immersion- which led me to reflect on that and on that being why I am doing the teacher training in the first place- as many women in rural communities may feel the same. As I show up for myself, I will be more able to show up for other women within the community and in the long run potentially as a yoga teacher!

    Side notes 🙂 Anatomy has been amazing so far (and I am only just completed shoulders). The portal has been great to navigate and I am growing to love mantras. Thank you x Feeling much gratitude for the process and the expansion that will grow through out the year.

  3. Danielle Harris
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    I am enjoying my practice, probably not doing it as often as I should. On the plus side I sing Mantras all day everyday, I have taught my three daughters and we all sing them. It sounds so beautiful. I have brought my softness into my yoga classes where I am teaching. The anatomy stuff kicks butt, she teachers it so well. Female anatomy modules are fantastic too. I am going to make my daughters watch it. I am also enjoying the connection I have made to my pelvis and my heart. You ladies are ACE xoxox

  4. Hayley Cooper
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    Coming back to a regular sadhana practice feels so right in my body and very grounding. Like others, I do sometimes struggle implementing the practice every single day, but have been trying to remind myself of the benefits of doing so, and how great it makes me feel and sets me up for my day ahead. Sometimes sadhana for me is simply taking a few moments of stillness and presence, focusing on my breath, chanting mantra and consecrating, and I acknowledge that on those particular days that is perfectly okay. I’ve enjoyed chanting Atha Yoga Nusasanam at the beginning of each practice and then exploring that mantra/sutra deeper, developing my own personal interpretation of it. Gayatri Mantra is so beautiful and one of my favourites. It is reminding me to be grateful for all things and to be grateful for these teachings that we have been blessed with. I’m meditating now without a timer on my phone to naturally tune in to when my body is ready to let go of mantra and come out of practice. I’ve enjoyed having a personal mantra to work with this month.

  5. Alina Fogarty
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    Prior to our week together I didn’t have a daily Sadhana practice in place already or any daily practice in place. Despite the realization for myself that I not only wanted and needed one, I craved one. It felt so nice entering my own yoga space, setting up and starting this for myself. Returning to the mat in this new personal space felt comforting and even though the pull to do other things elsewhere was very strong, I felt very connected to me in my little space. My mantra sound and rhythm was perfectly imperfect, I am at peace with that, I did my best and it still felt nice. Coming back to the practice I felt a familiar connection and more acceptance of myself for showing up for me, despite identified barriers. I found it more difficult to implement my daily sadhana than I had anticipated after feeling so focused with everyone in a space dedicated to our practice and immersion. Practicing my silent mantra was also challenging in my home environment amongst life’s distractions, the biggest distraction I found was my own busy mind telling me so many things were still waiting for my attention. I quickly became aware that this would not happen easily or overnight for me and that too was ok. I added music, tried different times of the day and asking for more support from my family. Even on the days I felt too busy, exhausted, distracted or interrupted, I reminded myself to just breathe, feel my breath move through my body and return my mind to my practice. I am being more gentle with myself and encouraging myself with extra loving kindness. This has occurred both on and off the mat for me. I am enjoying the online training, the flexibility of the learning and have found all learning platforms amazing so far.
    I am learning so much and remain so excited for what’s to come.

  6. Coral
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    I started a daily Sadhana a year ago and it is now such a part of my day I can’t imagine a day passing without practising.
    I love Puja and starting this Sadhana with Atha Yoga Nusasanum along with Maha Gayatri Mantra is a beautiful way to continue. My practice is in the morning and grounds me for the rest of the day. It fills me with peace and connects me back to myself. My little yoga room has become my sanctuary over the last year due to my Sadhana practice.
    I am just loving the Anatomy. I have completed Taryn’s course but I have been having trouble with the Yoga International one. The site keeps bouncing me out and when I am in there the clarity is very fuzzy making it difficult to see properly when things are being pointed out on Fred (the skeleton). Tiffany’s explanations and descriptions are clear and easy to follow. I love the way she incorporates the yoga aspect into it.
    So looking forward to what is to come……

  7. Tracy
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    Going back & reading my daily reflections was interesting & fun to see how it felt a little different each day, find this difficult at the time to do but now see the value after having a daily sadhana for almost 6 months. I tried doing this Sadhana in the evening, which was lovely but fairly sure I fell asleep during meditation (even sitting upright, a talent I have always had though!). Some days my mind wandered more than others & was distracted by daily life and reminded myself to accept each day as it was. Physically I connected most with figure 8’s, sometimes not wanting to stop. Some days emotions arose soon followed by a smile with realisation I am doing exactly what I should be and often thought of our wonderful group of women and how lucky we are to have come together. Found myself more aware of sounds of nature, such as birds singing, kookaburras laughing, the sound of rain on the roof & that added to the experience on those days. A few personal moments were acknowledgements of the fact that I had not been kind to my pelvic bowl in the past and to let go of what others may think, which is not something I usually concern myself with but noticed when had family staying with us. Desire to learn more and share with other women continues to grow.
    Can’t wait for the weekend.

  8. Evelyn Radomyski
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    There is just so much to unpack but I will try and keep this concise. My sadhana practice has been irregular but ever-present. I find it very grounding and a great way for my mind to reset to default at any time of day but mostly early in the mornings. Honestly though, it’s been 3-4 times a week at best. But it hasn’t waned or become tiresome, quite the opposite and as someone who has always found the concepts of dedication and discipline completely foreign, I feel this is progressing at the perfect rate. And it’s definitely been complimented by a lot of chanting, especially in the car and when I’m running. Taryn’s workshop blew my mind. Her insights about how we’re connected to our amazing bodies are a missing link for so many of us. I’m keen to watch it all again just to let it all sink in further. So that sums up the physicality, but mentally the shift has been beyond remarkable. My life has flowed so smoothly over the last month, and that’s not to suggest that it’s been without any challenges. But I can and am willing to access my strength and resilience sooner and with a greater abundance. It makes me a bit emotional to see all the many, many obstacles I’ve put up for myself in the past that now seem so completely unnecessary and totally nuts, quite frankly. It feels like it took me 38 years to find a piece of land. Then a couple of years to lay the foundations. And then boom, built a house in a month. It’s only up to lock-up, but I’ve finally found a great crew and we’re all working towards the same result. Namaste sisters x

  9. Haylee Fox
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    I have thoroughly enjoyed having a daily sadhana practice for the first time in my life. I look forward to staying in that still space when i first wake up in the morning. I have to say, that there has been some adjustments required in terms of accepting that i am not practicing asanas as much. Initially, this was quite conflicting. But when i started noticing the benefits of regular meditation than this uncomfortable feeling of not practicing asanas dropped away. It has made me realise that the yoga studio timetable dictated my life. However, now, i am still practicing yoga through my Sadhana practice (at a time that works for me, usually first thing in the morning) and I have free time to do other things i enjoy such as going for walks with my partner and puppy. In some way, letting go of the strict asana practice it has brought more balance and freedom into my life. Mentally, and metaphorically, the meditation practice feels like someone has gone under a bed that has been gathering dust and items for years without being cleaned, and then they sweep under it up and bring up all these items out that they didn’t even know were there in the first place and then all of a sudden they are brought to the surface. I’m looking forward to the rest of the course and what it may bring x

  10. Cassandra Dzieczko
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    I loved this sadhana practice, with so much going on in my life, this practice helped to keep me grounded in my space and to lift me up when I was in places in my own mind that weren’t the healthiest or best for me to be in. I struggled with studying these past few weeks as life just threw everything at me but I was determined to get my daily sadhana in. Time kinda stands still for me while I’m in this practice and just being in that moment and allowing myself to be in and enjoy it with worrying about outside distractions has really cemented in the beauty and wonder of yoga and what it gives to people and why I want to learn more, to do more and to be more. The way the practice uplifted me yet kept me grounded in my life, makes me so grateful that I’m on this journey and on this journey with so many beautiful and uplifting women. I’m loving the mantras and often just randomly start up while doing things, the first time it happened I was in shock and was thinking omg Kate was right! I can’t imagine my life without them now.

  11. Elise Hewins
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    Each day i practiced allowed growth of the connection i have with my body and that deeper understanding of self through my mediation practice. Even though i am whole, it made me feel my wholeness individually, all the parts that need to come together to complete the wholeness. My body and how strong it is. How it is always there to carry me even when my mental mind can not. How it allows us to be, in and around this beautiful world. But most important how it can connect with everything around us. how we can feel the energy not only when we touch objects but that flowing of energy through and around us. That connection to earth through our feet no matter the surface because all is from earth. This practice has given me comfort in that no matter what situation i am in, that my body is there to support me, guide me in what i need and to help me. All i need to do is connect, listen and be. I have a long way to go in building my connect and relationship with my body but this sadhana has pointed me in the direction of that journey. It has opened my eyes to my body and the love, gratitude I have for it.

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