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  1. Coral
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    I really liked this Sadhana. I did have to change it about half way through due to having eye surgery. This meant no shaking. I replaced Virata with Scatter the Prana. This Sadhana always left me feeling grounded, centred, happy and feeling at peace.

  2. Karina
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    This by far has been the most beautiful and soul filling daily sadhana for me. Heart opening.. I experienced a range of emotions…one being sadness at the realisation I had not given myself real permission to really move which I experienced during virata and it offered a beautiful journey to explore and to continue exploring. I also loved exploring the Shiva Shakta Kriya and really noting how my body moved (and did not move)- I could open up one side much easier then the other, but this also changed with how fast or slow I moved, and if I did it standing or seated or even a wide legged goddess stance or seat…all influenced the experience/sensation. No matter how I showed up for my daily sadhana practice- it always had me grounded for the day ahead. So full of gratitude for this teaching- thank you xxx

  3. Evelyn Radomyski
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    I was initially quite excited about Sadhana 3 and approached it with a certain amount of gusto. The month of April had me feeling a little wounded, mentally and physically and I definitely noticed the benefits of its active elements, the Shiva Shakti Kriya and Virata. And I started using the grey smoke practice to consecrate my space which I find immensely positive. But my biggest take away from this Sadhana was that it felt like a ‘sometimes’ practice. The more I did it, the harder it seemed. By early May, I had intuitively shortened the active practices from 4-5 minutes to just over a minute each. And though I was trying to get through a half of the Mala with Maha Mritunjaya Mantra, it became more and more challenging, to the point that I felt so restless that I couldn’t find my peace in meditation, or even the Heart Womb Mudras. So I mixed it up a bit and ended up reciting 10 or so and then completed the Mala with Medicine Buddha Mantra, finishing with one more Maha Mritunjaya. I really love the Medicine Buddha Mantra and it so peacefully converged with the Heart Womb Mudras, especially after beginning with Grey Smoke. All this being said, the last couple of months have been a little overwhelming in general for me and I was definitely feeling drawn to a more gentle and forgiving practice. I do however recognise how these elements that tested me also assisted me by moving out all the toxic energy, challenging and building on my inner strength and helping me hear and act upon my inner voice. PS, there’s been a pause in the building of my spiritual house, but the garden is really starting to come along <3

  4. Hayley Cooper
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    This month’s sadhana has been a challenging one for me, although it has taught me some important lessons about slowing down and honoring where my body is at in it’s current stage. As I continue to move through some big physical, emotional and energetic changes in my body, I am noticing that practices and kriyas that previously felt amazing in my body are no longer providing that same effect. Shiva Shakti kriya and Virata have been some of my favourites in the past for shifting and moving stagnation in the body, but this month I did not have the desire to practice them at all. My body was saying no most days, and so I had to learn to listen to that and modify in a more nourishing way. Instead of doing a full shaking practice I modified with the seated variation and also did the grey smoke meditation which offered a similar effect. I noticed that I was craving a lot more restorative and gentle practices this month as my nervous system was a little heightened and I caught myself being in the ‘doing’ lane more than the ‘being’. I spent half of the month in Melbourne visiting family and friends which was so beautiful and grounding, but sadhana fell a little by the waist side here. I did do some meditations here and there and pre-recorded classes when I found a space and time to suit. With all that being said, the Heart Womb practice was the most beautiful addition to my sadhana this month, when I did make time to practice! I became lost in the rhythm of the movement and breath in the most blissful way, and it definitely supported the connection between heart space and womb space, between me and my growing baby. As I bring lotus mudra slowly back up to heart, I visualise holding my sweet baby in my arms. It makes me quite emotional, but in the best of ways! <3

  5. Haylee
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    I found Sadhana 3 to be a very balancing practice, with the energetically uplifting practices at the beginning (shiva shakti and virata) then the beautiful feminine heart womb practice (which i would get lost in a trance in for who knows how long), mantra and meditation. In the virata practice I noticed stagnant energy in the bottom half of my legs, i tried and tried to shake it out but they still feel frozen, mostly around my ankles. I am trying to better understand the meaning behind this, but nothing has come to mind yet.

  6. Cassandra Dzieczko
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    This Sadhana was beautiful, unfortunately I was sick with a flu and had to either shorten it or miss it for a few days due to being so sick. I found my rhythm again before a personal life blow had me feeling ill with some parts of the sadhana, and life. I made sure I was ding something from the sadhana for most of the remaining days with what I felt I needed on the day. And some days it was just to meditate and some days I needed more. I feel like this sadhana has parts I want to incorporate into what will eventually become my own daily sadhana practice and other parts that I might do every so often. I’m ready and keen for the next sadhana though.

  7. Alina Fogarty
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    I found myself juggling so many things this month and feeling overwhelmed. My to-do list felt bigger than my can-do list. Although I really liked this practice and appreciated how my body needed to move with the Shiva Shakti Kriya, I needed to reduce my to-do list somewhat to cope. I concentrated more on my Yin Practice and completing my Anatomy training which has in a sense made me feel like I have more time available. I have been showing up daily for sadhana, whatever that ends up looking like, which is feeling like great success for me. The pull to revert to old patterns has been strong, I am drawing on what I am learning to be stronger, kinder and consistent with myself.

  8. Tracy
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    I really enjoyed this Sadhana, the sense of balance was with me majority of the days after completing. Felt into what was needed on the day and a couple of times just completed mantra & meditation and it felt good to be get up & be present when could’ve easily stayed in bed for those 2 particular times, another day I did my own practice entirely, by moving into what felt right, cannot remember what it was but felt great to listen to what was needed at that moment.
    Some days shook out some serious shit & others a little more gentle & changed the song to move to.
    Completed most of the sadhana 1 evening, with virata sitting down & finished with Kate’s full moon meditation, felt so grounded.
    Was a very busy month and to have a regular practice to feel at home with daily or a version of feels so right. One of the reflections I noted a feeling of lightness & heaviness in mind & body.
    Lastly like to note how much I love Heart-Womb river sacred greeting, easy to get lost in & 4 minutes has well & truly passed!

  9. Danielle Harris
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    I didn’t get to complete the full month as I had four wisdom teeth out and that really put me on my butt for about two weeks. I loved the breathing practice, it made me feel very feminine. The Vittra was very difficult for me as my legs felt so very heavy. Always love the mantra and this is my favourite one so it was joyous to do.

  10. Elise Hewins
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    The practices reopened the path they created when i first started to practice them. The feelings of home within my body arosed, it remined me that no matter where I go in life, no matter the different environments i might be in that i always have my home with me. I can shift the things in my body that are no longer need or serve me, so when I turn within, only thoses feelings of comfort, support and love feel up my body.

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