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  1. Hayley Cooper
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    I enjoyed the simplicity and gentleness of this sadhana combined with the cleansing and detoxifying kriyas to shift stagnation in the body. All of the practices are beautiful, but Scatter the Prana is one of my all time favourites. It gives me goosebumps and sensations of connection to something greater than myself whenever I chant the mantras alongside the movement. It makes me feel safe, joyful and connected to all beings. Kundalini serpent feels amazing in my body, I love the sensation and visual of circulating prana up, down and around the body. I have been adding on some smiling pelvis, circles and spirals at the end to invite more movment and energy into the pelvis and hips. Meditation is challenging me this month, but I have been determined to complete them daily as a means of slowing down and coming back into ‘being’. My mind has been very busy lately and it has taken more dedication and willpower than usual to sink into practice. I am still working with the manta ‘Aham Prema’, which reminds me to be kind, gentle and loving towards myself and others during these times.

  2. Danielle+Harris
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    Nice and simple, loving all the breathe work. It really calms me down and makes me feel grounded. There was a week that I couldn’t do any of the breathe work because my nose was so disgusting and my asthma was out of control. Some days I could really get into scattering the prana and other days the prana was too heavy for me to even move my limbs through. I probably need to woodchopper the crap out of that prana instead of being so gentle with it. Sunrise is always the most beautiful and connecting time for me to do breath work.

  3. Coral
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    I find this Sadhana a lovely way to start the day. Having practiced each separately previously, and not together, it feels like being with old friends, familiar, comfortable. The practices feel soft, fluid, feminine and empowering and leaves me feeling calm, focussed, grounded and centred. A feeling of peace washes over me each time I practice and I always finish with a smile on my face🙂🦋

  4. Elise+Hewins
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    I enjoyed the simple Sadhana practice this month, it was a perfect match for what was going on in my life. I have practiced scatter the prana with the mantra at the end of the practice before and love it. But the mantra at the start did not resonate with me, so i left that out of my practice.

  5. Alina Fogarty
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    I really enjoyed the simplicity of this sadhana, it seemed to be a good fit for me. Mantra is my highlight. I preferred to do the Guru Mantra Meditation separately and found myself drawn to this more often. It would come to mind during my day as I worked. I have even been listening to variations in music form and singing along. I find it hard to shift myself away from Medicine Buddha Mantra which I adore, but I was able to share space in my mind more easily this time. I have been drawn to create and practice meditations of late. I can feel a slight shift in myself this week, I am feeling my creative desires return, I am becoming more curious and somewhat brave.

  6. Evelyn+Radomyski
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    This practice was so inviting and nourishing. It was such a contrast for me from Sadhana 3. I’ve been really excited to get into my space and practice. I managed to complete a lot of little tasks this last month, both yoga and non-yoga related, that had been lingering in some little crevice at the back of my head. Not to mention that big, bright and bless-ed full moon which inspired a big shift in how I action my intentions. All this combined with a gentle, flowing, melodic practice made me feel light, unencumbered and balanced. I’ve noticed that I stopped trying to get up and practice first thing. It’s not impossible, and it probably is the ideal way to start the day, but it is simply not practical in my world at this point in time and it can feel rushed. I practice as soon as is most sensible with the least distractions. Sometimes that is 10am, sometimes that is 10pm. Sometimes it can be both. PS. Digging deeper foundations; slowly x

  7. Cassandra Dzieczko
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    I really enjoyed my first week doing the full practice. After that my body going through things needed a massive readjustment with my daily Sadhana, which mainly consisted of gentle standing practices and scatter the prana when the body was feeling up to it. I really enjoy being able to learn all of these practices, so when things happen in life I have options to go to so I can still feel whole in my practice, even though it might be modified or less intense or gentle enough for my body to handle. It also gives me a chance to feel into what resonates with me and what works for me at different times of the day.

  8. Haylee
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    This sadhana was so gentle and calming. I LOVE scatter the prana it is such a beautiful practice as I really enjoy the feeling of movement meditation and I found that it is a nice way to settle the mind before guru meditation, I found that I was able to settle into stillness a bit faster because of this. I felt like it was a really nice combination of practices. I ended up practicing the healing buddha mantra with this sadhana as it was more relevant for me at this time. I was called to practice guru meditation in reclined and supported butterfly with one hand on the heart and one on the belly. I sometimes added in some MFR around the shoulders and neck. I also gravitated towards practicing this one in the evening as opposed to the morning as it felt like a nice practice to clear away the energy of the day.

  9. Tracy
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    I loved this Sadhana, particularly scattering the prana , took a few days to sink into & most days added something more to enhance my practice with what was needed at that time, hip circles, smiling pelvis & figure 8’s a few days, toe squats on some others. Went to Magnetic Island for a weekend & practicing there in our cabin was beautiful & Om So Hum dropped in after Aham Prema being with me for quite a while, it doesn’t feel fully settled yet but not going away. From that point in the month until now I have felt unsettled, stress & anxiousness crept in, so daily practice was mantra & meditation. Changes aren’t feeling so great at times but it’s not always going to be & trying to ride along and see what it brings.

    Side note, completed grey smoke variation practice & had in the back on my mind that I had taken in more from others/places so was surprised when I realised I had left more of myself & felt emotional returning what is mine.

  10. Karina
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    This practice was beautiful and really turned me inwards for another deep dive into self reflection. I wasn’t able to practice it every day, but I did most days. I love how it brought up awareness on my self reflections, it helped move that stagnant energy softly, and the kundalini serpa really topped it off. The days I did practice I relished in having the time and space to ground deeply into the practice. The mantra didn’t resonate with me with the scatter the prana, I liked focusing on the breath and the gentle movement and the silence. Simple and perfect. xxx

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