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  1. Hayley Cooper
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    Sadhana started out really positive this month. I left the last module feeling inspired and motivated to get out of my own way and let go of the negative mindset I had been holding on to around covid lockdowns and missing my family. I read/listened to a lot of Joe Dispenza & Eckhart Tolle’s work and focused on clearing and strengthening my energetic body, which has felt great! The practices have been the perfect compliment to this renewed sense of being. Very simple, yet powerful… they have allowed me to slow down, observe and witness my mind and thoughts and connect inward. I’ve felt a lot calmer and relaxed, with a sense of knowing that no matter what is happening in the external world, I can always choose to feel positive, safe and whole within. This past week has thrown my Sadhana practice out the window however as we have been busy moving in to our new house 🙂 I haven’t made the time to practice as much as I would like to and I can definitely feel the effects of that in my physical and energetic body. I’ve struggled finding the ‘perfect’ yoga space within our new home, amongst the boxes and piles of things! An important reminder for me that yoga doesn’t have to look perfect, and dedicating time to practice anywhere and in any moment is what matters.

  2. Coral
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    This sadhana left me feeling grounded, anchored into myself, happy and with a peace that radiated from my inner self outwards.
    I was doing the Nadi Shodhana variation which was quite warming and found that following it with the prana apana kriya was settling and calming.

  3. Haylee Fox
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    I found this practice to be simple, calming and clearing. I particularly like the Ida and Pingala Pranayama. I found i enjoyed practicing this in the morning as it energised me and i felt like i started my day with a clear mind. I have also been working with asanas around my menstural period and i am finding that my energy levels are fluctuating less throughout the month.

  4. Evy
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    I liked the simplicity of this practice. I mostly stayed with the ‘Om Nimah Shivaya’ mantra we used during initiation but atleast once a week I used Medicine Buddha Mantra. I’m still not a big fan of sharp aggressive movements in my sadhana practice, so I wasn’t sold on Ida and Pingala Pranayama but I stuck with it for the purpose of experience. It did make me feel light but it is still the type of pranayama that I would prefer to incorporate into an asana practice a little later in the day. I loved the Prana Apana Kriya. It’s a beautiful way to tune into the chakras and I found it very fluid and natural. I’m sure I’ve been deep into it for longer than 12 minutes before I’ve settled into meditation. I’ve stopped timing each practice separately as I hate looking at the bright light on my phone. I tend to just set my timer for an hour and see what happens

  5. Alina Fogarty
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    Over the last few weeks, I have been considering my overall health and wellbeing, the real workings of my body while enjoying the Ayurveda learnings and beginning to identify small changes to make to my daily life. Creating my own dinacharya came at the perfect time, as did the analysis of our own constitution and dosha types, balanced or otherwise. I have taken some time to explore not only my physical health but my mental health and in doing so found the rounds of Medicine Buddha Mantra to be so soothing and comforting. I recently experienced new emotions of relief, acceptance, and more forgiveness and kindness towards myself for how I have been feeling and took this time in sadhana to sit with that alone. I have really focused on Puja, connecting to my space, my self and the serenity I have created. I have included some gentle moon sequence practice which has felt so nourishing on many levels. Completing this sadhana has help ground me and give me a sense of calm among the chaos, so to speak. I also realized I haven’t had a cycle for about 3 months now, so that is another significant change to navigate and honour now and in moving forward.

  6. Karina
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    I found this sadhana beautiful and grounding, I chose to use the nadi shodhana variation which seemed to suit better. It has been soothing to know there is always one’s own breath to come back to time and time again. I appreciated that is was a shorter time frame of practice which opened up the opportunity to bring in a daily sun salute (which varied morning to morning on how I showed up). I do love the growing awareness of synchronicity of the parallels to personal life and the teacher training.

  7. Tracy+Price
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    Loved the Sadhana, so simple & beautiful, particularly loved the song Hazy with Ida and Pingala Pranayama finding a flow , then into the beautiful Prana Apana Kriya. Calm, grounded & connected appear a lot through my reflections, regardless of how I felt before practice or through the days.
    Was wonderful to continue practice when away, would’ve been lovely to do outside but just a bit too chilly.
    Started changes to morning ritual for my Dinacharya, looking forward to working with current changes & more to follow as feels right. Though I am getting up earlier find that I want to spend that extra time meditating, oh well will keep on tweaking or get up even earlier.

  8. Cassandra
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    Having started a temporary higher level position at work, I feel this simple yet powerfully calming Sadhana was exactly what I needed during this time. It allowed me to settle into myself and kept me calm , which has reflected massively in my job. And while I’m not perfect and not immune to it all. Having to only rage once during this past month, with the type of work and the type of people I have been dealing with I think I did ok. A number of people have commented and asked how I keep calm, I tell them yoga. I’m so grateful I stepped up to do this course this year as I’m unsure how I would have gotten through this year without having all of the practices and information to keep me calm and grounded.

  9. Elise Hewins
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    Unfortunately, this sadhana was at a time that I was moving. So, I did not practice it enough for the month to feel is true shift within. However, when I did practice the sadhana it was very calming. I looking forward to repeating this practice and truly absorbing it’s power.

  10. Danielle+Harris
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    I absolutely loved the ida and pingala pranayama, it felt empowering yet peaceful all in the same hit. I stayed with On Nimah Shivaya simple because its quick and easy. I have found that sometimes the practices don;t always feel complete because I can hear a calling for another breath practice. I allow myself to add it when it comes. I am really enjoy this aspect of yoga practices.

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