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  1. Coral
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    This was very energetic even though there were not many practices. I did this in the afternoon after work as I felt it too energetic to do on waking. I certainly felt alive afterwards. Prana Vayu is wonderfully energising and is one I could do in the morning or anytime throughout the day

  2. Haylee
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    I really enjoyed this sadhana on most mornings as it felt like a very energising and uplifting practice, alongside having the gentle movement, which felt nice on the body after being in bed. I have felt stagnant in my energy lately and prana vayu felt like an effective practice to clear the energy and feel focused. I have also added dry brushing and kapha tea to my morning ritual, and abhyanga as a weekly ritual.

  3. Alina Fogarty
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    Sadhana 7 came at an interesting time for me. Upon initiation I was still unwell, not ready to move but keen to transition towards that as I returned to health. Despite my inability to fully participate with vigor, I believe I moved some stagnant energy, perhaps also addressing some Dosha imbalance. It was only a couple of days and I saw a return to my cycle that I had already accepted had left me. Surprise!!!!

    I was fortunate to visit Uluru during this time and although I didn’t manage my sadhana practice while away, I took my mat and the opportunity to practice, soaking up all that is ‘Uluru’ where I was able to practice deep gratitude, use mantra and ground into the earth that has its own glorious properties and millions of stories to tell, I’m sure. Each time I repeat those same practices now, I feel a connection with that very moment and experience. I am so glad I followed through, even when there was about 200 – 300 people watching on. I am BRAVE. “Practice Yoga when you want, where you want, even when your anxiety-body shakes…hehehe”

    The last few weeks for me have been full of reflection, overthinking, realization, and acceptance. With this came exhaustion, mental and physical fatigue, and an influx of all the emotions. I have had to show myself more compassion and understanding and although I felt like I was failing sadhana, was well aware of why I just couldn’t bring myself to move and have become so much more aware of how to take care of myself as I move through life and this particular point in time. I am so grateful to understand what is happening to me and how to best to navigate it. Those pieces are falling into place, I have what I need to support myself, despite my sadhana 7 practice success. I feel excited to move into my next Sadhana on Monday, designed specifically for me. I am ready and again, it is timely x

  4. Cassandra
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    I really enjoyed the activeness of this Sadhana and how I felt for me as it worked the legs. This Sadhana allowed me to mentally move into the space of moving through the flow of activeness while deepening my thoughts on the move,net and allowing my mind to free completely apart from the movement. It allowed me to sink into doing work on myself and the more work I do on myself the more in tune with my body I become on levels I didn’t think were there. I’ve never had the sense of self love and calmness to what I have today. And to that I’m extremely thankful.

  5. Evy
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    Wow, where did that month go? I decided to work some extra hours and it turns out that having one day a week totally devoted to catching up and general self-care goes a loooong way. And there’s always been some vital activity or event that I’ve needed to organise or plan. Not generally my forte. Suffice to say I feel like I’ve been chasing my tail endlessly. Restless and fatigued from constantly fighting life’s little obstacles. I’ve found it harder to sit still and empty my mind which has meant my Sadhana practice has been quite short. I didn’t resonate as much with this practice at this time, but I can see how i could. If I’m honest I just didn’t resonate with much this last month, my emotions felt extreme and all over the place. Although it does seem that with every strong emotion, there comes a deeper understanding of where it all starts and how to let it go. I did find myself attacking the hill again, but my head just hasn’t felt light like it has been for most of this year. So, moral to the story = me-day should be mandatory.

  6. Tracy+Price
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    Balance, energy & calm, kept on appearing in daily reflections, even if not feeling that way to start the day. Feeling positive changes with morning routine in place & working on bedtime ritual also.
    Enjoyed this sadhana, even if my legs didn’t to start with. After prana vayu completed, took time to listen to what I needed that day, some days it was virata or figure 8, smiling pelvis etc or movement in general. The song Syria was a wonderful enhancement to practice (also awesome for hula hooping!). Interesting that Aham Prema has returned, I thought we had parted but turns out not so, feels like home.
    This month I have enjoyed sharing my voice, learnings & practice with others, by doing a 30 minute Friday afternoon wind down practice at work, is so wonderful to see their faces at the end.
    Looking forward to my sadhana prepared by Cass.

  7. Hayley Cooper
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    My sadhana practice has been quite minimal this month as I honor the last few weeks/days of my pregnancy (not long now!!) I’ve simplified my practice down to a daily meditation and a little bit of movement here and there, depending on how I’ve been feeling each day. As much as I love Prana Vayu Kriya, it is far too strong for me at the moment so I have left that out entirely. The squatting practices have felt great some days and uncomfortable other days. On the days where I haven’t been feeling the squats, I’ve opted for hip circles/spirals and figure 8s instead – more gentle and great for opening up the pelvis and getting bub into optimal positioning! Overall, I have really enjoyed the practice of listening and tuning in to the rhythm of my body this month. I’ve also spent a lot of time reflecting on how to approach my student’s practice in this same way, which has me inspired and excited to teach again soon 🙂

  8. Elise Hewins
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    I have noticed that by doing practices that I have done previously, even a year ago. It leaves an imprint on my body and mind, so that rush of emotion or shift that it created in my body, mind and even on an energetic level comes flooding back. You get to continue to dive deeper from where you left off. That is the magic of these practices! This sadhana helps to highlight that you do not need to always do a 60-minute class to try get that inner bliss feeling or shift. Even just a 3 min Prana Vaya 1 can give you that same impact. Whenever I have a day that I do not feel like doing my sadhana I know that is when I need it the most. You always feel better after, its just dealing with those thoughts in your mind. It’s like your mind knows you are changing because you really can’t be the same person after you start these practices or have a daily sadhana, you just can’t. So, your mind tries to stop you because it does not want to change. But that is why we practice.

  9. Karina Werchon
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    I have spent some time reflecting back over sadhana 7 and whilst this in point in time it didn’t quite land for me, but I am grateful to have these practices to return to explore. I have struggled to find the words to write to explain the month that has just passed. But I did cherish the time out I took to meditate because I needed that space to quieten the mind otherwise the anxiety of all my ‘to do’s’ got very overwhelming.

  10. Danielle+Harris
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    I had a hard time connecting with this, I loved how strong it made the legs feel. I enjoyed how you could really slow the breath down. It made me very light headed tho and I kept losing my balance. I have low blood pressure I think the constant moving up and down in that one section was off putting. I also only practice in the morning so maybe a later practice would of suited me better as my blood pressure seems to be better at night but after work I usually have nothing left in the tank except to keep the kids alive and make sure my house doesn’t reflect some sort of house that you might find on a trailer trash nightmare tv show.

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