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  1. Cassandra Dzieczko
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    After every practice of this Sadhana I felt so deeply calm and centred and balanced in my feminine being. I felt myself take my focus inward ad has allowed me to look at things in a new light. When feeling stressed or overwhelmed at work Prakasha Pranayama came to my rescue and allowed me quietly just take a moment or 2 ( while on my break of course) just to calm myself and allow my light to come to the forefront and feel balance within.

  2. Haylee
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    I enjoyed the combination of this practice. Cleans and activate kriya felt very empowering as it can become difficult on the arms, but once I made it through the practice I felt a sense of strength and empowerment. Some mornings I also added kapalbhati, bastrika and ida and pingala for a fiery, cleansing morning practice. Prakasha Pranayama brings a feeling of overall cleansing and it is a practice that I am drawn to incorporate into the end of my practice every day, i really get lost in this one and have found myself practicing it for 10 minutes some days. Shringara Kriya – Laya felt very feminine and flowy and nice to move the torso. I kept finding myself drawing the outline of a serpent.

  3. Coral Ann Gilmore
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    I love this Sadhana…love, love, love it. I have practiced all before except for Shringara Kriya – Laya which is just so soft, so feminine and so beautiful. Really allowing me to feel into that soft femininity and allowing it to flow – just as it is or perhaps, just as I am……. Prakasha Pranayama is very elevating and I just feel so connected when moving through the chakras. Cleanse and Activate is so strong but its amazing just how your body adapts to practicing it for the length of time and how it seems to feel easier the longer you practice it for. I feel strong afterwards – not muscle strong but resilient strong….. Lama Pranayama is also, for me, about resilience, about building a connection to self to prevent illness in the body but also healing from the inside out.

  4. Hayley Cooper
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    This month I continued with Sadhana 7 created by Haylee, which was to support my final weeks of pregnancy and postpartum. It was a special one because it led me towards the birth of my daughter and really helped during those first few weeks when I needed to reconnect to myself physically and emotionally. The practice included some very gentle and nourishing movement, meditation and legs up the wall. I was limited in what I could do physically because of my c-section recovery, however on those early overwhelming days with Isla just 5 mins of connecting to the breath was enough. I found myself returning to the breath often in the subtle moments with her… changing nappies, feeding, rocking, gazing at her… and I noticed that once I found a calm presence within myself, she would absorb that energy and become calm also. I hope to continue embodying these practices for a long time to come, so that Isla too can receive the healing energy and incredible benefits for herself and get to know and love her own feminine body.

  5. Danielle
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    This Sadhana was by far my favourite. It was a struggle at first with all that arm pumping but I felt sooo good afterwards. Very energised and very grounded at the same time. I loved the theory behind this sadhana as well. I can see myself doing this sadhana a lot in the future. Thank you

  6. Karina
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    This sadhana was empowering and feminine, such beautiful elements to bring into one practice.

  7. Alina Fogarty
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    I think this was one of my most favourite sadhana practices and where I fell that bit more in love with Kriya & Pranayama practices. I really connected to my inner world, felt at peace and was able to sit in the kind of silence I need to figure things out. Even though I have learnt so much about what these practices can do, experiencing them in different ways on different days has been such a powerful lesson.
    I particularly loved ‘Shringara Kriya’ and ‘Cleanse and Activate.’ I felt like they both lit me up, in different ways, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. I said recently in my own workshop ‘let’s fall in love with the love that lives within us,’ doing this practice helped me truly understand and embody that.
    I feel so grateful.

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