Expand & Embody your Knowledge

Continue to build on the teachings of yoga for women
The path of the yogini is one that is ever expanding and encompasses a life time of learning and embodying.

To support you in continuing to build on and deepen into the teachings of yoga for women I am offering a monthly Satsang (wisdom offering) online via Zoom. This will ensure it is accessible to all despite where you might be located. As long as you have or are currently undertaking training with us at Higher States of Yoga you are invited to join.

You can find a list of dates for 2022 below. I will create a Facebook Messenger Chat so we can connect and I can pop the Zoom link and reminders inside here.

Mon 14 March
Mon 11 April 
Mon 9th May
Mon 13th June
Mon 8th August
Mon 12th September
Mon 10th October
Mon 14th November
Monday 12th December

All calls will be held via Zoom from 6pm – 7pm QLD.

This is not only for those who are teaching or plan on teaching. This is for your own embodiment and evolution.

If you’d like to join please let me know via email hello@higherstatesofyoga.com or via Messenger DM.