Our Women's studio in Townsville, Australia is a sacred space for women to move, breathe, meditate and connect to Self through the teachings of yoga and community.


Townsville yoga studio

Higher States of Yoga is a sacred space for women, promoting whole body health & wellness and supporting the needs of women through the practice of yoga.

  • Based in person and online, it was created by Kate Payne, a Yoga Therapist specialising in Women’s Health and weaves Eastern & Western modalities to support women across their entire lifecycle.

  • It meets a growing need to broaden the lens beyond physical postures and showcase the vastness of yoga to meet the needs of every woman.

  • What we are experiencing and recognising is a growing need to be able to support women at all phases of their lives and offer teachings, practices and community where permission is given to explore, move and breath in ways that feel good.

  • There is an increasing body of knowledge around the benefits of yoga on not only our physical health but also on our mental health and wellbeing.

  • Our style of practice weaves ancient teachings and knowledge with modern science and understanding of the human body to offer classes and trainings that enrich and enhance the yoga experience.

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