This is Higher States with me, Kate Payne, Writings & Sacred Transmissions for Women.

A stream of Higher States of consciousness.

I am the channel for Higher States.

The creator, the space holder, the container for her magic to through into form.

It is a co creation of the Wild Shakti.

They are not separate from one another.

She is I. I am her.

This is exactly how consciousness moves in the world. From pure awareness into form. Something to bring forth and share with the world in this time, space, reality.

This can look so many different ways. Words on a page in a private journal or sacred art behind closed doors.

Equally it can look like offerings of women’s yoga trainings, immersions and an in person studio space. But most often it’s in the unseen.

The moments at dusk spent in meditation and contemplation. Sacred moments with my children that remind me how precious and fleeting this existence is.

Times spent in nature, hearing her whispers and promising to her I will live a life of ‘Being’ rather than ‘Doing’.

That this is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. To tend to the needs of our nervous system during these unprecedented times.

The hours upon hours spent in personal practice for a single piece to appear on the front end for you to experience.

Things are shifting, changing and refining. There is no one way, but many ways.

These will be sacred writings and transmissions of the feminine consciousness from my Soul into your life.

I hope that by sharing these via Substack, a platform that feels in the deepest alignment with how I am wanting to share right now, will call something forward within you for your own deeper exploration.

With love. Kate x