The Divine Woman – Embodied Yoga for Women

350 HR Women’s YTT with 200 HR pathway

Women’s Specific Teacher Training in Hatha, Flow, Yin & Pre / Postnatal


This 350 HR course will run over 1 year, with a 200HR pathway Teacher Training Certificate in yoga specific to the needs of women completed in the first 6 months. Students will then enter an immersive training & mentorship, completing the remaining 150HRS with more in depth teachings into a range of women’s health & wellness practices.

Your will be guided for the entire journey by Kate Payne (Higher States of Yoga) and Andrea Broadbear (Yoga with Andy), both Yoga Therapists and Women’s Health Specialists. The Embodied Yoga For Women immersive training provides a comprehensive, interactive and explorative look at how we can approach women’s health today using yoga in a therapeutic manner.

Location: Townsville, QLD OR Surf Coast, VIC


February 2021 – December 2021 (Townsville)

May 2021 – January 2022 (Melbourne)

Who is this course for? 

This training is open to all women who want to dive deeper into their practice. This training is unique in that it is designed as an immersive experience, navigating the material in an exploratory way, meaning, it is suitable for those who intend on teaching yoga as well as those who would simply like to journey into the feminine over the space of a year.

Numbers are capped to ensure each woman will receives the time and attention they require.

Course Overview

200 HR Foundations…
Module 1 (week long intensive)

Hatha Flow & Womb Yoga

Learn the foundational postures and teachings of hatha flow & womb yoga to become a fully qualified yoga teacher with a speciality in women. Includes functional and energetic anatomy, analysis of each asana as it applies to women, alignment, cues and adjustments.

Foundational yoga asana – alignment, benefits, contraindications, modifications, injury support & prevention.

Sequencing – intelligent and emotional sequencing. Learn how to tailor a class to each individual student.

Embodied Anatomy – functional anatomy of the human body, including skeletal structure & tissues, habitual patterns and different elements that affect movement for different bodies. A focus on female anatomy, in particular pelvic health.

Art of Assisting – learn the art of assisting by seeing each body as unique and gaining understanding of how to observe bodies both physically and energetically to tailor your approach to assisting and adjustments.

Meditation – become a fully qualified meditation teacher through initiation into yoga nidra and vedic mantra meditation practice.

Pranayama – gain an understanding of how the breath moves in the body through powerful breath work and embodied practice.

Prana Vayus, Bandhas & Mudras – experience how prana moves in the body and how practice can be enhanced through physical locks and energetic seals.

Sadhana – developing and teaching personal self practice.

Yogic Wisdom – connect to the ancient tradition and teachings of yoga through the lens of Hatha and Tantra.

Sacred Texts – explore aspects of the Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, both ancient yogic texts from which many of the teachings flow from.

Ayurveda  – introduction to Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, and it’s foundational philosophies and language.


Module 2 (weekend intensive)

Yin Yoga

Learn the foundational postures and teachings of yin yoga to become a fully qualified yin yoga teacher with speciality in women. Includes functional and energetic anatomy, analysis of asana as it applies to women, alignment, cues, prop support and adjustments.

  • Yin yoga theory and principles of yin
  • Applied anatomy as it relates to yin yoga – the study of fascia
  • Energetic anatomy including the study of the meridian lines & koshas
  • Yin yoga postures & sequencing in relation to both the Myofascial and Meridian lines
  • Adjustments & use of props in a yin yoga practice
  • Myofascial release techniques using equipment including MFR for pregnancy


Module 3 (weekend intensive)

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga

Learn the foundations of fertility, pregnancy & postnatal yoga. Includes women’s functional and energetic anatomy, foundational asana, cues and prop support as it applies to each stage of the journey.

  • Exploring the 3 trimesters, plus 4th trimester, physically, emotionally, intellectually & spiritually.
  • Understanding the anatomy & physiology of the female pelvis & uterus
  • Taking a holistic approach to yoga for fertility, pregnancy, postpartum & beyond
  • Learning to teach a safe and therapeutic prenatal yoga class
  • Explore therapeutic practices to support the pre & post pregnancy journey

Module 4 (held throughout the year)

Asana clinic – teaching clinics to hone your skills of teaching in small groups including adjustments and tailoring to each individual student.

Community outreach – teaching to specific groups within the local community.

Assisting – assisting in asana clinics to refine your skills of seeing each body as unique and being able to tailor your approach to supporting students.

Satsung – absorb the teachings of yoga through regularly held satsang sessions.

Divine Woman Mentorship (6-months)

Teaching – taking your seat as a teacher. Discovering your voice, developing your presence and authentic teaching style. Learn how to create an optimal environment for transformation of your students including how to create tailored workshops and events.

Sadhana – learn to develop a daily sadhana practice so that you always teach from a place of embodied practice and experience.

Business & Marketing – learn how to market yourself as a dedicated and qualified teacher, living the yogic path. Gain an understanding of and begin to implement what’s required to establish your yoga teaching brand, source work and develop specialised areas of teaching.

350 HR…

An additional 150 HRS to provide you with a 350 HR teaching certificate made up of the following modules which build on foundational areas of knowledge obtained in the 200 HRS.

Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release (weekend intensive)

Further exploration into Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release. Building on the foundations learnt in Module 2, we will explore in greater detail:

  • Applied anatomy as it relates to yin yoga – the study of fascia
  • QI and the Meridians
  • Additional yin yoga postures including upper body and those suitable for fertility, pregnancy and postpartum
  • Intelligent sequencing and workshop planning
  • Myofascial release techniques for pregnancy and postpartum

Fertility, Pregnancy & Postpartum (weekend intensive)

Dive deeper into therapeutic practices to support the woman during pregnancy & postpartum and supporting the fertility journey.

  • Ayurveda for fertility, pregnancy & postpartum – diet & lifestyle practices
  • Myofascial release in pregnancy
  • Therapeutic Pelvic Floor Support – including pelvic mapping and self-release technique
  • Restorative practices during each stage in the fertility to postpartum journey
  • Supporting mental health & trauma

Ayurveda for Women  (weekend intensive)

Explore women’s health from an ayurvedic perspective, learning by observation by immersing yourself in the study of your own health.

  • Women’s hormones, cycles and transitions
  • Breathing practices
  • Women’s medicine
  • Approaching trauma

The Subtle Body  (weekend intensive)

Deep dive into the subtle body through the study of the:

Koshas – the study of the five layers of being

Chakras – the study of the 7 major chakras within the body

Vayus – the study of the rhythm of the flow of prana

Elements – the study of the five elements as they relate to yoga

Nadis – the study of the three major nadis as they relate to yoga

Gunas – the study of the Gunas and their impact on the mind and body


Yoga Therapy for Women  (weekend intensive)

Learn the foundations of working with women therapeutically. This module focuses on:

  • Working with specific groups of women
  • Working in a 1:1 setting
  • Practices that focus on a yoga therapy style approach

*This module and training does not qualify you to practice as a Yoga Therapist, however it does provide you with the foundations to go on and further study or specialise in this area.


$4,200 AUD Early Bird

(registration & deposit received by 30 November 2020)

$4,800 AUD Full Payment

(registrations received after 30 November 2020)

Payment Plans available. These will be detailed in the Application Pack which is emailed once we receive your expression of interest. 



February 2021 – December 2021 (Townsville)

May 2021 – January 2022 (Melbourne)


Townsville, Queensland & Surf Coast, Victoria.

These trainings will run concurrently. You will be asked as part of your Expression of Interest, which training location you would be interested in.

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