Yoga 4 Women Podcast with Kate Payne

Welcome to the Yoga 4 Women podcast with Kate Payne, Women’s Yoga Therapist, Teacher Trainer & Mentor. For the past decade I’ve been working in women’s health and wellness across multiple modalities and have witnessed first hand the global pandemic we are experiencing pushing a one size fits all approach to women’s health and healing.

This is a podcast series for students, teachers, therapists and health practitioners who are ready for change. Who are tired of seeing a system of care that fails to see women as whole and a system which thrives on keeping women disempowered when it comes to their own health and healing.

And whilst we still have a long way to go, the good news is, we have arrived at a moment in time where the narrative around women’s health is slowly beginning to change. Little by little, more and more women are investing the time and energy into learning about their bodies.

These short audio’s, released weekly,  are snippets of yogic wisdom that can be used to empower women to build connection in their bodies, embrace their unique seasons & cycles and cultivate whole body health.

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